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The advance and potential of vegan tuna

Of course you like to meet the wishes of your customers. You probably haven’t missed the fact that more and more people are choosing to eat less meat. In addition, more and more people are also opting for fish substitutes and you see more and more vegan tuna. But what is the market potential of vegan tuna? What is vegan tuna made of? What can you use it for? And what opportunities does it offer you?

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Optimisation for enduring success on the retail shelf

Why the demand for vegan tuna is increasing so fast

Dit laat Schouten Europe proeven op de Anuga 2023: Vegan vis en Plant-based vis: Vegan Green Tuna

The uses of vegan tuna

Which brands of vegan tuna are there

The market size of fish substitutes

Would you like to receive samples or would you prefer a tailor-made product?

Why is the demand for vegan tuna increasing?

It is striking that the demand for vegan tuna is only now increasing so rapidly. The demand for meat substitutes has been high for years. But increasing consumer awareness is driving demand for plant-based fish, including vegan tuna. This awareness is driven by increasing media attention, the documentary Seaspiracy, caused a lot of controversy. 

Seaspiracy - vegan tonijn

“We notice that the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy makes a big impression on people and contributes to a growing awareness about the importance of plant-based alternatives to fish. It will further increase the demand for vegan fish.”


What can you use vegan tuna for?

Vegan tuna is very widely applicable. For example, as an ingredient to process into a salad spread. Or as a pizza topping on a vegan pizza tonno. 

  • Natural vegan tuna as a pizza topping.
  • Vegan tuna as part of a ready-made salad or poké bowl.
  • Vegan tuna on a sandwich made with vegan mayo
  • Vegan tuna salad. Vegan tuna processed in a salad for bread or on a toast.

Which brands of vegan tuna are there?

With us you will find the possibility to have your vegan tuna 100% customized. Schouten is unique in this! Looking for inspiration for your vegan tuna? There are various brands of vegan tuna on the market, based on different raw materials, for example:

  • Vegan Green Tuna from Schouten , made from soy.
  • Fish-free tuna from Sea So Good, also made from soy.
  • Vuna from Garden Gourmet , made from pea protein.
  • Plant-based Tuna from Good Catch , made on the basis of 6 types of proteins (peas, soy, chickpeas, broad beans, lentil protein and small white beans.

How big is the market for fish substitutes, including vegan tuna?

Worldwide, the demand for fish substitutes and vegan tuna is growing. But compared with meat substitutes, it is still a relatively small market.

Vervoort expects the share of fish substitutes to continue to grow rapidly. “We see the demand for meat substitutes continuing to rise. The fish substitutes will benefit from this, also because both product groups are still often offered in the same plant-based shelf.”

Vegan tonijn- marktpotentie

What is the potential of fish substitutes, including vegan tuna?

Plant-based fish is one of the most promising categories within plant-based food. This is stated by ProVeg International based on the Smart Protein Report 2021, which is supported by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the EU. Research firm AC Nielsen found the strongest growth in the German market: between 2018 and 2020, the plant-based fish category grew by 623% to €1.9 million*.

*Total market including discounters, Germany, sales value in €, plant-based fish, MAT CW39 2018 vs 2020 – AC Nielsen Market Track.

What is vegan tuna made of?

Typical for tuna is the fibrous and fleshy structure. The vegan Green Tuna, the vegan Tuna from Schouten, is made on the basis of soy. Textured soy provides this characteristic structure.

Soy provides the fibrous and fleshy structure that is so typical of tuna.

Schouten Europe: Getextureerde eiwitten - vegan tonijn

Very tasty! Also approved by ProVeg colleagues and 8 year old daughter. We will definitely recommend it!

Veerle Vrindts – CEO ProVeg Netherlands

Receive samples?

140 grams of Vegan Green Tuna in a can

The Vegan Green Tuna is available in cans. A can contains 140 grams of vegan tuna. Label design is custom made. Suitable for direct sale to consumers.

Polybags of 1 and 4 kilos for industry and food service

In addition, the Vegan Green Tuna is also available in poly bags of 1 and 4 kilos. These bags are very suitable for industrial applications and in the food service.

Would you like to receive samples of our vegan tuna? Which can!

poly zak - Vegan tonijn

Prefer custom-made vegan tuna?

Get to know our custom plant-based ingredients

Questions about our Vegan Green Tuna?

Are you curious about our wide options in custom ingredients? Would you like to meet our team? Or maybe you have a question about vegan tuna or one of our other vegan products? Contact us about your needs. We are happy to exchange ideas with you about innovative plant-based ingredients.

What do our customers say?

  • “Their knowledge of the market, the very wide range of plant-based products and the good communication lines make Schouten a great party to work with.”

    A-brand meal producer
  • HAK - Arjen van Strien

    “Their no-nonsense and hands-on mentality is a good fit for us. We keep each other on our toes. I believe that plant-based food will be the standard within the next 20 years.”

    Arjen van Strien, Sales Director at HAK
  • “Schouten has been producing various products for us for several years now. Recently, a number of products have been added to this. Deliveries of orders always go according to agreement.”

    International Foodservice Company
  • “Schouten is proactive when it comes to product improvement and is focused on both product quality and efficiency. It is an exemplary supplier in terms of our long-term relationship.”

    Martijn Jacobs, senior strategic sourcing manager at IPC EMEA
  • Nico Wormgoor - JUMBO

    “Schouten has been supplying our vegetarian products in private label form for years.”

    Nico Wormgoor, Senior Lead Category Manager meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian at Jumbo Supermarkten
  • Nico Wormgoor - JUMBO

    “At Schouten: a deal is a deal. These professionals are 100% behind their product. They care about people, animals and the environment.”

    Nico Wormgoor, Senior Lead Category Manager meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian at Jumbo Supermarkten
  • “We have been buying Schouten products for some time now, but the introduction of the vegetarian stir fry strips in tomato sauce is a great example of this successful collaboration.”

    Ruud Zoon, Commercial Manager at Larco Foods
  • “Schouten challenges our developers with new ideas.”

    Marfo Food Group
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