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At Schouten Europe B.V., we believe in nurturing new talent and providing a platform for students and graduates to gain invaluable experience in a dynamic and innovative environment. Our internships offer a great opportunity to delve into the plant-based food industry while working alongside experts in their respective fields.

Your internship can be more than a position; it can be an exploration of your interests and an opportunity to make a real impact. Our internship opportunities span across several key departments. In Giessen we have our HQ and R&D development centre. In Goor our production facility Schouten Twente is located.

Schouten Twente

Schouten Twente, our production facility, stands as a testament to our commitment to technological advancement and sustainable manufacturing practices. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and adhering to the highest industry standards, the factory serves as the heart of our operations, where innovation and quality converge to produce an extensive range of plant-based products.

Tempeh today

Tempeh today, an initiative of Schouten Europe, focuses on sustainable and affordable tempeh production in India. With operational 2 units, our mission is to locally produce highly-nutritious plant-based products using Small Fermentation Units (SFUs). Our goal is to implement over 100 SFUs in the next five years, contributing to reducing the protein deficit in the Indian population.

We are always looking for new talent

We are always looking for new talent! Send your resume and cover letter to our HR Coordinator Debbie de Laat at sollicitaties@schoutenfood.com or you can call her at: 0183 44 64 84 (Not working on Wednesdays).

Research and Development (R&D):

Within our R&D department, internship opportunities can entail;

  • Improving our current product range in terms of taste, texture, nutritional value or sustainability.
  • creating new innovative plant-based products. 
  • Investigating novel ingredients and/ or production processes.
  • Deep diving into product characteristics e.g. binding systems, flavor profiles, color, nutritional aspects.
R&D plant-based product development
Pascale Jongerius - Buyer


Within our CSR, internship opportunities can entail;

  • Research on sustainability initiatives and reporting.
  • Data collection and processing.
  • Development of sustainability strategies and policies.
  • Communication and awareness building about CSR efforts.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): Gain insight into our quality control processes, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance with regulations.
  • Supply Chain: Explore the complexities of our supply chain management, learning how we efficiently source, produce, and distribute our products to meet global demand.
Embracing the growing demand: tofu and tempeh manufacturers
  • Marketing: Immerse yourself in our dynamic marketing team, contributing to the development and execution of strategies that effectively communicate our brand values and products to a diverse consumer base.
  • Sales: Acquire firsthand experience in the art of sales and business development, learning how to foster strong relationships with clients and promote our innovative products in the market.

Curious about what it’s like to work at schouten?

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