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“We can deliver quickly to anywhere in the world”

As a customer, you need to be able to rely on your order being delivered on time and without any problems, anywhere in the world. Our Supply Chain department plays a crucial role in this. A close-knit team of four employees ensures that our vegan and vegetarian products are produced and delivered on time. From the local Spar supermarket to fast-food restaurants all over the world, such as Subway.

Wilco Bor has worked as the team leader of Supply Chain Management at Schouten since 2018. “As a team, we make sure that everything runs smoothly for the customer. We ensure a simple ordering processes, fast deliveries and high delivery reliability. Providing clear information is also a crucial part of this. For the customer, it should always be clear to which DCs we supply around the world, and under what conditions.”

“Our priority is to unburden the customer. With smart IT solutions, such as EDI, we ensure that order processes run smoothly, and by storing goods in the US, we can also deliver there quickly. Actually, we can achieve this worldwide: thanks to our wide network of production locations, carriers and DCs, we can always switch quickly and offer the customer a suitable solution.”

Vegetarian and vegan have reached every corner of the world

“We export no less than 90% of our plant-based products to fifty different countries. We deliver to different channels, such as food service, QSR, retail, industry and A-brands. Because delivery times for retail vary from QSR and industry, we have various logistic flows all over the world.”

“For each customer or region, we work together with logistics partners who know the country, the industry and our customers. Because we and our partners are specialists and know what delivery to different channels involves, we can take the customer further.”

Fast customs clearance and AEO certification

The Supply Chain Management department also handles customs formalities for anything that crosses the border. “We take care of the export declaration, so that our plant-based products can leave the country. And if the customer wants us to, we also arrange the import declaration. As of this year we are also AEO-certified. This allows our vegetarian and vegan products to go through customs faster and, consequently, cross the border faster.”

“Because we are aware of the regulations and customs requirements in various countries, products arrive at their destination without hiccups and as quickly as possible.”


Always gets to the customer and consumer on time

Within Supply Chain, everything comes together: we put into practice what our colleagues from commerce have coordinated. Our challenge in the logistics process is not only ensuring that ingredients, production and transport come together on time – we also have to coordinate well with the customer.

“In the coming period, we will be making every effort to make the entire supply chain run even more efficiently – from production to delivering to the customer. We are working on introducing new plant-based products faster and more successfully, so we want to organise the physical flow of goods more efficiently. This in turn means that we rely on less transportation manoeuvres, and consequently, create fewer emissions. We are looking forward to taking on this challenge with one or several partners.”

Wilco Bor - Teamleader Supply Chain Management

Immediate results

What Wilco enjoys most about his work are the dynamics. “I don’t mind it when there is some pressure. Something else I enjoy about my job: you immediately see the results of what you do. And if something goes slightly wrong, you have to switch things up right away. In those situations, I find it very satisfying to find solutions that make the customer happy.”

I hope that our customers see us as a positive department that delivers reliable work, looks at the long term and thinks in terms of solutions. We can switch things around quickly and we like to think things through with the customer to achieve the best result.

Wilco Bor – Team leader supply chain management

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