Behind the scenes of Customer Care

At Schouten, we believe it is extremely important that our clients receive the best service. A product launch should run smoothly, from start to finish. We also believe that the client should continue to receive adequate support following the product launch. That is what our Customer Care department is for. They provide in-house support to ensure that projects run smoothly for the client, and that clients continue to receive adequate service once everything is up and running.

Rhodé Meijers-Schouten: Project Manager

Rhodé has been with Schouten for 1.5 years: first as a Sales Support Specialist and now as a Project Manager. “Our department is the primary point of contact for our clients. Clients can come to us with questions, comments or issues that need to be resolved. They may also come to us when beginning a new development process.

Questions and requests from clients are translated into tasks for the rest of the organisation. There are often systems that need to be implemented for clients. We do this as well, for example.”

Rhode Meijers Schouten

The spider in the web

“My primary role as a Project Manager is to ensure that projects are delivered correctly and on time. There are a wide range of projects. Sometimes an existing client will introduce a product from our existing product line, such as a sausage for the BBQ season, for example. If this is to be distributed under a private label, then we must ensure that the sausages are delivered to the client in their own packaging.

I am the linchpin between different departments. Throughout the process, I make sure that we remain focused on the end result. Communication is a crucial part of this. I am responsible for facilitating contact between the client, the project owner and various departments.”

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Connector
Schouten levert vegetarische producten in meer dan 50 landen

Retail, Fast Food and Industry

Schouten distributes its plant-based protein products through various outlets and name brands. “We have divided-up the clients within our department. As the Project Manager, I am responsible for all QSR clients, all clients in the USA (in cooperation with my colleagues across the pond) and our day-to-day operations in India. This makes everything manageable.”

The client as the foundation

“Each client has their own preferences and way of doing things. We try our best to be responsive to this by approaching each client differently. This actually makes my work quite fun and diverse.

The client’s needs are our top priority, both during a project and after its completion. I try my best to strike a balance between client requests and what it is feasible to achieve within the organisation. Sometimes that presents quite a challenge, but if we can work together as a team to find a reasonable middle ground then I am happy and satisfied!”

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Customer intimacy

Often, the most challenging aspect of my work is to be able to schedule projects within the required time frame. Clients often request that we have projects completed by yesterday, so I spend a lot of time figuring out how we can reduce the delivery time for projects.

Rhode Meijers-Schouten – ProJect manager

Take on what you’re good at

At Schouten, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in areas where you think you can help us improve. Fortunately, in my case, the things I am good at are also the things that I like. I spend a lot of time on process optimisation within the organisation. I try to figure out ways we can ensure that we are able to work together as efficiently as possible.

Core values

At Schouten, we have four core values: Innovation, Excellence, Trustworthy and Responsible. Rhodé explains her perspective on these:


“Innovation is something that certainly applies to our R&D department. My department focuses specifically on what the client wants. As we are developing new products, we immediately notify the client when our R&D team is making considerable advances. That way, we also help keep the client on the cutting edge.”


“We communicate as clearly as possible. This way, we provide the most complete and accurate information possible to each other as well as to the client. We see to it that we fulfil our agreements and that we provide the client with the greatest peace of mind possible. We are solution-oriented, and we take initiative and responsibility for any issues with which we are presented.”


“By keeping our commitments and communicating in a transparent fashion, we have developed a trusted collaboration with our clients, suppliers and also internally with our colleagues. Others can count on us and be confident that things will turn out well when you ask Customer Care for something.”


“We take charge, we make decisions, we take the initiative and we take responsibility. We are mindful of our actions and careful not to lose sight of people, animals and the environment.”

I hope that customers see Schouten as a department or company they can rely on!


Would you like to learn more about Schouten? Or do you have a question? Please contact our Customer Care department.

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