Dutch company launches alternatives to beef and chicken to contribute to the protein transition worldwide

For decades, the Netherlands has been a leader in developing and producing plant-based alternatives to meat. In recent years, this position has been further strengthened by strongly growing demand, new players, technological developments, acceleration in the field of innovation and the stimulating influence from politics, media, education and NGOs. This month, the Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. is introducing plant-based chicken and beef pieces that should contribute worldwide to the transition to a food system that relies more on plants than on animals.

The fight against climate change

All over the world, reducing meat consumption is seen as one of the most important pillars in combating climate change. Beef production especially has a negative impact on the environment. The CO2 footprint of food is enormous. Recently, entrepreneur and millionaire Bill Gates called on rich countries to commit to a transition to “100% plant-based beef consumption” in order to contribute to reducing climate change.

No compromises

With these completely plant-based chicken and beef pieces, Schouten adds two important products to its already extensive product range. R&D Director Niek-Jan Schouten says: “There were already various chicken and beef pieces on the market, but we knew they could be improved upon. With these kinds of products it is especially important that the consumer doesn’t have to compromise on flavour and texture. We have worked hard to produce products that we expect to become more popular than real chicken and beef.”

Easy to work with

Schouten’s plant-based chicken and beef pieces contain 18.3 and 22.7 grams of protein per 100 grams (respectively) and are made with plant-based proteins from soy, wheat and peas. The chicken pieces do not contain any soy. The products are low in saturated fat and salt and are easy to incorporate into various dishes. In the coming months, Schouten will be presenting the products to interested parties worldwide within the retail, out-of-home channel and the food processing industry.

Largest product groups within meat substitutes

Development plant-based chicken and beef market

According to the research firm Markets and Markets, the chicken and beef substitutes product segments are by far the largest product groups in the meat substitute market worldwide. The market research firm expects that chicken alternatives will represent sales of more than 13 billion USD by 2025 and beef alternatives of more than 6 billion USD.

“We are proud that we can add these products to our range and we are sure that with these products we can contribute to the global shift towards a more plant-based diet.”

Niek-jan Schouten – R&D and Business Development Director

The first Dutch company

Schouten started in 1990 as the first Dutch company to develop meat alternatives with plant-based proteins. The company markets one of the most extensive and varied ranges in the world and supplies its products, primarily under their private label, in more than 50 countries. Schouten also develops many products according to customer demands.

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