Highlighted: Vegan Lentil Burger

At Schouten Europe we like to tackle challenging product requests from our wide client base. However, even without those specific requests we work tirelessly on the improvement and extension of our range. That being said, we are also proud of our best-sellers, like our vegan lentil burger. Find out more about this versatile product below.

Product: Lentil burger
Shouten Europe Product Developer: Wouter Schouten
Quote: “The combination of the crunchy crust and the tender filling allows you to enjoy a range of textures, which makes this lentil burger extra tasty and unique.”

Meat substitute: Vegan Lentil Burger

Vegan lentil burger

Our lentil burger is one of the key products in our range. And rightly so, because, dare we say so ourselves, it is really very tasty! Lentils are rich in iron, protein and vitamin B, which makes them an excellent alternative to meat.
Wouter Schouten tells us a little bit more about the vegan lentil burger:
“We launched this product in May 2016, during the year of pulses. That was also the ideal time for Schouten Europe to focus even more on the development of products containing pulses.

The flavour of the lentil burger is a nod to North African cuisine: spicy, with a sweet hint of dates. We use green laird lentils in our burgers. These lentils have a better structure and bite when cooked compared to red lentils. That allows us to create burgers with a mix of textures: juicy and tender on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. The spice mix is inspired by ras el hanout: cardamom, mace, cinnamon, coriander and cloves. Personally, I love to eat our lentil burger with a vegetable stew made in the tajine.”

Wouter Schouten - Sr. R&D specialist
Wouter Schouten – Sr. R&D specialist
Vegan Lentil burger
Vegan Lentil burger

Taste tests with positive results

In a recent taste test by our brand GoodBite in collaboration with CSO Marktonderzoek, consumers gave our vegan lentil burger a very positive assessment: a nice 8 out of 10 for look, mouthfeel, taste and aftertaste. But there’s more! 87%* of participants stated they would buy this lentil burger again. We will gladly help companies brainstorm on new vegetarian products or concepts.

Do you have any questions or could you use a helping hand? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

*They answered ‘probably’ or ‘very likely’

Positive test results Vegan Lentil burger
Lentil burger (N =58)

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