Dutch innovation ‘Vegan Green Tuna’ must contribute to the survival of endangered tuna species

The Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. introduces a fully vegetable tuna this month. The product will be presented as ‘Vegan Green Tuna’ to interested parties. Vegetable tuna can play an important role in protecting endangered tuna species.

In danger of extinction

Product Manager Annemiek Vervoort: “All tuna species are (heavily) overfished and a large number of species are threatened with extinction. Our vegetable tuna has the same bite and taste as real tuna. The product is suitable for eating cold and is therefore immediately ready to eat for anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of tuna “in a sustainable way.”

New product segment

Schouten is entering a new segment with its first fish substitute and will further expand its range of plant-based fish substitutes in the coming year. “We see that the demand for fish substitutes is increasing. It makes sense that in addition to replacing meat, people also think about replacing fish. We are starting with a plant-based tuna because we thereby contribute directly to a sustainable solution for a global problem”, says Vervoort.

Toast with TuNo - vegan Tuna: Schouten specialist in plant-based protein products

Processable product

Schouten’s plant-based tuna can be used in other products such as salad spreads, meal salads, wraps and ready meals. The product can also serve as a pizza topping. From the end of February, the Vegan Green Tuna from Schouten will be on the shelves at Albert Heijn. The Menken Keuken has used this vegan tuna as the basis for a vegan tuna salad.

First Dutch company

In 1990, Schouten became the first Dutch company to develop meat substitutes based on vegetable proteins. With one of the most extensive and varied assortments in the world, Schouten’s products are sold mainly under private label in supermarkets both in the Netherlands and abroad. Schouten also develops many new products based on customer demand.

Schouten Europe: manufacturer vega en vegan meat substitutes: Vegan chicken burger

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