New plant-based vegetable snack introduced by Dutch family business

Insufficient vegetable intake, especially among children, is a growing problem. It is one of the reasons why the Dutch family company Schouten Europe has developed Vegetable Bites. In the form of hearts, rounds and stars, the Vegetable Bites are being introduced worldwide this week to corporate clients within the retail, out-of-home and food industry channel.

Schouten specialist in plant-based products:  Vegan Groentebites
Schouten’s Vegetable Bites

Innovative power

Schouten is known for its innovative products. Just last week the company scored high marks at the Anuga food fair in Cologne, Germany. It was the only Dutch manufacturer whose No Egg White appeared in the top 10 best innovations. Less than a week later, the company now presents its latest product: Vegetable Bites.

Picture: Product developers at work in Schouten’s R&D kitchen

Schouten specialist in plant-based products:  Productontwikkeling
Schouten specialist in plant-based products:  drie vormen Groentebites

Importance of vegetables

The Dutch Nutrition Center recommends eating at least 250 grams of vegetables per day. Vegetables are included in the ‘Schijf van Vijf’ and provide few calories and many nutrients. Vegetables provide many health benefits and are associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases. Schouten’s Vegetable Bites contain 46% vegetables (corn, carrot, garden pea, onion and red bell bell pepper) and will be eaten as a snack by most people.

Picture: Schouten’s Vegetable Bites: rounds, hearts and stars

Plant-based snack segment is growing

Kees van den Heuvel, Trade Marketer at Schouten, points out that meat substitutes are no longer limited to the main meal these days. “In recent years, we have seen consumers increasingly opt for plant-based snacks. The growing range of vegan options in the catering industry plays a stimulating role in this.”

A study conducted by research firm Markteffect found that 27% of frequent users of meat substitutes in the Netherlands (representing 54% of the population) say they regularly consume vegetarian or plant-based snacks, and this percentage is growing annually.

Tested by children

“We had the Vegetable Bites tested by children through our own consumer panel,” Van den Heuvel says. “80% of the children who tried the bites would like to eat them again. Adults also responded very positively to this introduction.”

Schouten specialist in plant-based products:  De Groentebites zijn goedgekeurd door kinderen
Schouten specialist in plant-based products:  Kok aan het werk in de keuken


In 1990, Schouten started as a pioneer in the development of meat substitutes based on plant-based proteins. The company now markets one of the most extensive and varied ranges in the world and supplies its meat and fish substitutes under private label to more than 50 countries. Schouten also develops many products according to customer demands.

Picture: Schouten started developing meat substitutes back in 1990

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