Nederlander Henk Schouten met de eerste Tempeh vanuit een Small Fermentation Unit (testlocatie)

Dutch food production system Tempeh Today launches in India

In Bangalore, India, Henk Schouten, CEO of Schouten Europe, will launch an innovative way to produce food in a sustainable and healthy way: Tempeh Today.

Schouten plant-based products: Vegan Beefless pieces

Chickenless Filet Pieces & Beefless Pieces

Get to know our newest plant-based items: Chickenless Filet Pieces & Beefless Pieces

Advising customers in plant-based assortiment

A behind the scenes look at the Sales department

Looking for that one product, tailor-made for your customer? Gijs ensures that customers and products find the right match.

Schouten Specialist in the development of plant-based products - Research and Development, ingredients

What are the benefits of using a product with soy?

Almost all our products contain soy. We believe soy is valuable for our plant-based products.

Sandwich with Vegan Green Tuna - Schouten specialist in plant-based protein products

Dutch innovation ‘Vegan Green Tuna’ must contribute to the survival of endangered tuna species

The Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. introduces a fully plant-based tuna this month.

Schouten voor de vierde keer op rij partner van de NWZV

Schouten is a partner of the National Week Without Meat for the fourth time in a row

Schouten is once again one of the parties this year that makes the National Week Without Meat possible.

Mark van Noorloos - Marketing Manager

A behind the scenes look at the Marketing department

Our marketing department plays an important role in advising our customers and successfully introducing products.

Schouten Specialist in the development of plant-based products - Award Lentil Burger Innova Classic

Schouten wins respected ‘Innova Klassiek’ award

Schouten wins the respected Dutch ‘Innova Klassiek award’. The Vegan Lentil Burger continues to be successful four years after it was introduced.

Laura van Tiel - QA/QC Manager

Schouten achieves Higher Level within IFS broker certification

Schouten has passed the IFS Broker certificate. But what exactly does it mean and why is certification so important? Our QA / QC manager, Laura, is happy to explain it to you.

Schouten Plant-based product - vegan legendary burger

How big is the trend of ‘fresh’ plant-based products?

The market for plant-based products is developing positively. Curious how the relatively new segment ‘fresh’ is developing?

Schouten Plant-based product - Chickenless Dippers Vegan

New! Vegan Chickenless Dippers

Meet our new vegan Chickenless Dippers! Delicious crunchy homestyle coating and super tender vegan chicken in the inside.

Palm_oil_seeds- RSPO

How sustainable can palm oil be?

Palm oil is used in countless products from shampoo to biscuits, but also in meat substitutes. Schouten only uses sustainable RSPO palm oil in its vegetable products.