Vleesvervangers: Producten met veel ijzer


In the last blog we told you something about macronutrients and most importantly, proteins and the difference between plant and animal based proteins. In the next two editions, we would like to address the smaller, but equally important counterparts, the micronutrients.

Various Legumes

Client case: A-Brand Poduct Development

This client operates worldwide producing various top-brand products. They wanted to introduce a vegetarian product range in the European retail sector, thereby improving the vegetarian selection available to consumers.

Schouten Europe - manufacturer meat substitutes: Mexican Vegan Bean Buger

Schouten Europe introduces vegan Mexican Bean Burger

The Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. introduces a vegan Mexican Bean Burger this week. The product is available at…

Schouten Europe: producten vleesvervangers - Soepballetjes

Schouten Europe introduces vegetarian soup balls

The Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. introduces vegetarian soup balls this week. The product is available at various supermarket…


In the coming weeks, our R&D department will guide you through three topics that are inextricably linked to meat substitutes, but about which little is known: proteins,

Schouten supplies vegetarian products in more than 50 countries

Schouten Europe starts deliveries to Australia

After success in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, Dutch family business Schouten Europe B.V. will now also…

Schouten Foundation

We are very happy to announce that this year Schouten has raised up a foundation: Schouten Foundation. Schouten has passion…

Henk Schouten and Gijs Appels in India

Schouten is scouting the Indian market

1.3 billion people live in India, 30% of whom are vegetarian due to their religious beliefs and the cost of…

Schouten at PLMA Amsterdam

Schouten will be present at PLMA Amsterdam on 21th and 22th of May. The PLMA is the largest trade show…

CHIEF- speeding up the protein transition together

Together with HAK, Schouten has taken the initiative to set up an experience centre in ‘their’ municipality of Altena (province…

Schouten Europe- Specialist in plant-based protein: Meat substitutes - vegan Tempeh

Client case: Huhtahyvät

At Schouten, we have a wide customer base with a variety of requests. For example, one day we may be…

Vegan Lentil burger

Highlighted: Vegan Lentil Burger

At Schouten Europe we like to tackle challenging product requests from our wide client base. However, even without those specific…