Paying attention to how you prepare your food pays off

We humans don’t read. We throw the meat substitute in the pan and cook! Maybe we’ll take another look at an icon on the front of the packaging with a number that indicates the number of minutes, but that’s about it. The result: a product that is not prepared to its fullest. Result: not (so) tasty. Result: you see, this can’t compete with meat! A correct preparation method for meat substitutes is underestimated. And ignorance plays a part. Flexitarians’ frame of reference is meat. So is it that complicated? Not at all.

So what does it come down to?

Most meat substitutes are already pre-cooked during production. This means that these products only need to be heated for a short time before they can be eaten. Most products can be prepared within ten minutes.

1) Cooking from thawed

Is your product frozen? Then thaw it first. This can be done by putting it in the fridge in the morning or by thawing it in the microwave just before cooking. You then prepare the product in the recommended preparation method.

You can cook meat substitutes in the pan, but also in the oven or on the barbecue. In addition, various products are suitable for preparing in the air fryer. You will usually find the options on the packaging.

2) Heat on low temperature / on low heat

Meat contains animal fat, this is partially released during preparation, so the product does not dry out quickly and does not bake quickly. This is different with vegetable products.

It is therefore very important to first heat the cooking liquid (e.g., olive oil) and then heat the meat substitute slowly and at a low temperature. The product then does not dry out and does not stick.

Of course, how meticulously it has to be prepared depends on the type of product. You have to pay a little more attention to a stuffed schnitzel than to loose minced meat that you only have to stir-fry briefly.

3) For the BBQ or grill, douse the products with (olive) oil

Preparing meat substitutes on the BBQ or grill? Pour some (olive) oil on the products beforehand. This way, the products do not dry out and you can also enjoy vegetarian dishes from the BBQ.

Don’t forget turnover

If you sell meat substitutes or prepare them yourself in your restaurant, pay plenty of attention to preparing them correctly. It provides a better taste experience and a greater chance of repeat purchase by the consumer. Indirectly, it therefore increases the turnover and you do not want to miss that.

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