Who eats what?

All you need to know about the two types of consumers within the plant-based market.

An increasing number of consumers want to eat more sustainable, plant-based foods and class themselves as vegetarians, flexitarians or vegans. The actual meaning of these terms is partly defined by how often someone chooses non-animal products in their daily life, but these definitions also differ for each person. Some people would describe themselves as vegan, even though they do eat meat a few times a year. If you want to bring a new plant-based product to the market, you should take into account two consumer types: the newcomer and the experienced enthusiast.

Two types of consumers

Here is what you should know about these consumers:

The first type is the ‘meat-free Monday’ person who wants to try new flavours. What’s more, this consumer is still in the awareness and discovery phase. Consumers who are new to eating less meat tend to choose meat replacement products first; food that resembles ‘real’ meat or ‘real’ fish, such as a vegan Hamburger or Vegan Coated Fishless Filet.

The second consumer type has been involved in the switch-over to plant-based for a while and often (or always) chooses vegetarian options. The longer this consumer has been used to eating vegetarian products, the more likely he or she is to opt for products with lentils, vegetables, beans and nuts, such as a Vegan Lentil Burger or Vegan Vegetable Burger.

Vleesvervanger: Schouten Europe Vegan tempeh

The difference between meat replacement products and the unique plant-based products by Schouten

Schouten markets two product groups: Schouten Classics and Schouten Variations. Schouten Classics are plant-based protein products with the appearance, texture, bite and flavour of meat or fish products. Such as our vegan Bacon, Vegan Beef Mince and Nuggets. Schouten Variations are plant-based protein products with a unique identity. Such as our vegan Vegetable Burger or the vegan Falafel. These products are made from legumes, vegetables, nuts or seeds.

Schouten’s Classics

Schouten’s Variations

What is your target group looking for?

There are plenty of consumer motivations for eating less meat or no meat at all, or to opt for a completely plant-based, vegan diet. Often, there is more than one reason: environment, health, animal welfare, variety, flavour, availability. All these different reasons mean there is not one option that suits all. So: variety is key!

Animal welfare
Variety/ Flavour / Availability

Branded or Private Label

We can help you to create and supply one new product, or an entire new range. We can do this through your own brand or your own private label for retail. What does your target group want: quick and easy or rich in minerals? Our product options are virtually limitless; take a look at this list of categories to get inspired:

  • On the barbecue
  • Great for sauces
  • Ready-made products
  • 100% vegan
  • For novice flexitarians
  • Based on legumes, soy or nuts
  • Inspired by Asian cuisine (for example: Vegan Tempeh), German flavours (for example: Schnitzel) or Dutch culture.
  • Snacks
  • Stir-fry and wok products
  • Burgers

Unique products for your consumer type

We can help you develop a new concept for your target group. Together, we set out to create a product based on soy, wheat, seeds, chick peas or pea protein. As well as our more well-known meat replacement products for budding flexitarians, we can help you with a unique product for seasoned vegans. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

    Plant-based: Three important trends.

    Interested in plant-based protein products? At Schouten, we closely monitor the most important developments in the market. Please download our white paper now and discover three important trends in the market.

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