Dutch company introduces fermented vegetable mince based on its own by-products

Vleesvervanger: Vegan rul gehakt. Industrie - Nieuw: Gehakt op Erwtenbasis, de nieuwe trend in vegan gehakt

Tempeh Mince is the latest product from the Dutch family business Schouten Europe. The completely vegetable minced meat is made partly from by-products from one of Schouten’s production facilities. With this product, Schouten is responding to the increasing demand for fermented products in a sustainable way. The Tempeh Mince will be available for retail, the out-of-home sector, and the food processing industry.

Counteracting food waste

During the production of other tempeh products from the Schouten range, by-products are generated. “Because we want to prevent food waste as much as possible and the by-product is completely safe and usable, we marketed it as Tempeh Mince”, says R&D director Niek-Jan Schouten. Mince is one of the most important product groups in the plant-based market.

Natural taste

This tempeh mince is perfect for developers who prefer to add flavour to the product themselves. The product is easy to prepare and can be used in recipes that call for minced meat.

Tempeh gehakt van reststromen - Tempeh Mince made of by-products
Tempeh gehakt van reststromen - Tempeh Mince made of by-products
Tempeh gehakt van reststromen - Tempeh Mince made of by-products

Fermented soybeans

Tempeh is an ancient and vegetable protein source based on soy. It produced by fermenting of soybeans. Tempeh absorbs other flavours well, making it an excellent ingredient for many different dishes. Tempeh is completely plant-based, contains about 22 grams of protein per 100 grams and is rich in B vitamins, iron, minerals and fibre.

Dutch Henk Schouten, with the first tempeh from a Small Fermentation Unit (test location)

Tempeh Today

In recent years, Schouten has gained considerable knowledge of and experience with tempeh. The company already introduced some successful innovations with tempeh. Henk Schouten, CEO of Schouten Europe launched Tempeh Today in February 2021. This is an innovative way of producing sustainable and healthy food in India. Tempeh is produced locally in high-tech small fermentation units (SFUs). This Dutch innovation makes a future-proof contribution to reducing the protein deficit amongst the Indian population.

Tempeh gehakt van reststromen - Tempeh Mince made of by-products

The first Dutch company

Schouten started in 1990 as the first Dutch company to develop meat alternatives with plant-based proteins. The company markets one of the most extensive and varied ranges in the world and supplies its products, primarily under their private label, in more than 50 countries. Schouten also develops many products according to customer demands.

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