The why and how of our improved Mexican Bean Burger

Schouten introduced two new products in 2019: Soupballs and the Breakfast Burger. Both products are part of the Schouten Classics range – our meat replacement products with the texture, bite and flavour of real meat. We also took a critical look at our current range of unique plant-based products – Schouten Variations. We came to the conclusion that our Mexican Bean Burger needed an update. Our Product Manager Annemiek Vervoort tells us more about why we wanted to improve this product and how we did it.

Appealing food and better flavour

Annemiek: “Taste tests, consumer opinions and sales figures showed that our current Bean Burger had to be improved. Our R&D team took on the task of developing an improved recipe for this product. The key point for this product was to give it a more appealing look and a distinctive taste. The essence of the product had to stay the same: completely vegan, with a weight of around 80 gr.“.

We went right back to the beginning with this burger and looked at ingredients, flavour, structure and even the name Bean Burger. Some ingredients were improved; bean burgers tend to be dry and bland, but our fantastic changes have made our burger rich and creamy with a crunchy crust – a bean burger with a great bite. Ingredients that include kidney beans and sweetcorn, and the little kick in the coating made the new name easy to find: the Mexican Bean Burger!

Tests confirm our hard work! How does the improved burger taste?

“Taste tests showed that the improved burger was a hit! The burger is sold as part of our own GoodBite brand, and the improved product needed a new product photo. We also had to print the new recipe on the packaging. For the test-production run, we provided in-depth information to our suppliers about the switchover. This was vital, because some clients sold the burger as part of their private labels, which made switching to the new product slightly more complex as data systems and packaging had to be amended. It took some effort, but now the improved product simply moves through the existing supply chain like any other product!”.

Annemiek Vervoort - Product Manager bij Schouten Europe
Annemiek Vervoort – Product Manager at Schouten Europe

Initial results are positive!

Schouten Europe - Producent vleesvervanger: Vegan Mexicaanse bonenburger

“We are monitoring sales results, as are our suppliers. Sometimes it is hard to predict whether a product will achieve structural growth in turnover, and whether the throughput of the product will improve after the changes. Fortunately, initial results are positive! Schouten encourages consumers to try the product via packaging labels that highlight the improved recipe”.

Other products that could be improved

In the meantime, we are busy improving other products, taking a critical look at whether ingredients and recipes are up to date, and making improvements where necessary. Have you got suggestions for product improvements? Please contact us.

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