Together to less salt

Over 85% of the Dutch population eat more than the recommended 6 grams of salt per day. That is reason enough for the government to call on food producers and retailers to offer products with a sensible salt content. Schouten is happy to support this effort: we offer plant-based products that fit into a healthy diet with less salt.

What standard for salt does Schouten use?

We stick as closely as possible to the standard of a maximum of 1.1% salt as advised by the Nutrition Centre. We apply this standard not only to new products but also to our current assortment. Where can we cut back on salt?

How does Schouten preserve the taste of a product with reduced salt?

Schouten’s R&D specialists adapt various methods to reduce the salt content of a product. For example, we can use herbs, spices, and/or natural flavours to flavour our plant-based products without increasing the salt content.

We can also replace some the regular table salt (sodium chloride) in our products with diet salt (potassium chloride). This diet salt contains no sodium, the ‘unhealthy’ component of salt.

Remco Nijssen - Account Manager Back Office
Remco Nijssen – Account Manager Back Office

Do you need a plant-based product with less salt and plenty of flavour?

Get in touch with your account manager. We would love to help you find a plant-based product that suits your healthy diet with less salt.