The best of 2021: our top 5 product introductions

Closing out the year cannot be done without lists. That is why we would like to present you our top 5 successful product introductions for 2021. Read more about five innovations with which we respond to taste, market and sustainability trends.

1. Vegan Green Tuna

‘Indistinguishable from real’

With a serious overfishing of all types of tuna, our new Vegan Green Tuna came in handy. This vegetable tuna has the same bite and taste as real tuna, can be eaten cold and is immediately ready for use. Now that plant-based fish is becoming more and more popular, we immediately hit the bull’s eye with this product. Also discover our Vegan Green Tuna.

Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: Plant-based Tuna sandwich
Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: vegan sticks zonder vis en vegan burger zonder vis

2. Vegan Fishless Sticks and vegan Fishless Burger

Vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians worldwide are discovering the fish substitutes. Schouten is responding to this trend with the Sticks without Fish and the Burger without Fish. With a crispy exterior and a soft fishy texture on the inside, they are delicious with a daily meal, on a sandwich or as a snack in between. Read more about our Vegan Fishless Sticks and Vegan Fishless Burger.

‘With these five innovations we respond to taste, market and sustainability trends.’

Mark van noorloos – marketing manager bij Schouten

3. Tempeh Mince

A tasty product that we can also produce in a much more sustainable way. Our new Tempeh Mince is just as tasty and versatile as our Vegan Mince, but made from the residual products that arise during the production of our tempeh cubes. This way a Mexican burrito, taco or salad tastes even better. Also get to know our Tempeh Mince.

Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: vegan tempeh gehakt
Top 5 productintroducties 2021 - vegan peabased mince

4. Pea-based Mince

Consumer demand for soy-free yet protein-rich meat substitutes has increased sharply in recent years. Every reason for Schouten to introduce minced meat on a pea basis. This product is just as tasty and versatile as Vegan Rul Minced Meat, but made from peas – without palm oil, e-number and added sugars. Request a sample of our Pea-based Mince.

5. Chickenless Filet Pieces and Beefless Pieces

With the new Filet pieces like Kip and Pieces like Rund, Schouten is responding to the ever-growing demand for meat lookalikes. The fillet pieces are more tender than real chicken and remain juicy; the ‘beef lookalikes’ have the taste, texture and bite of real beef. This makes them an accessible option for the growing group of flexitarians. Check out our Chickenless Filet Pieces and Beefless Pieces.

Top 5 productintroducties 2021 - vegan beefless strips

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