What determines the size of a plant-based protein burger?

More and more consumers are choosing plant-based alternatives. That’s why it is important for consumers to have a complete meat substitute. Proteins, vitamin B12 and iron play a role here.

What determines the size of a plant-based protein burger?

Proteins in plant-based burgers

Foods consist, among other things, of the macronutrients proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Each of these substances has its own impact on the human body. Proteins are important building blocks in our body’s tissue. They are therefore an important component in our diet. An adult needs about 50-60g of protein every day. Good sources of protein are fish and eggs, but also soy, grains (like wheat), nuts and legumes like beans and lentils.

High protein content in plant-based burgers

The plant-based protein products by Schouten contain much more protein in comparison with other plant-based protein burgers on the market. We decided on this due to the importance of protein for the human body. Schouten wants to be able to offer total meat alternatives that make it easy for people to eat less meat, or even none at all.

Schouten Europe: specialist in plant-based protein products: Plant-based chickenless burger

The size of plant-based protein burgers

The high protein content in a product also leads to quicker satiety. That is why, for example, the burgers in our product range weigh an average of around 85g and not, like other products in the market, 100g or more.

In short, the higher protein content in these burgers means that you feel full more quickly. That’s why our burgers are a bit smaller.

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