Where is the vegan standard?

Waar blijft de vegan norm?

What makes a product vegan? And which production guidelines apply? The legislator has not yet set a definitive standard for it. Schouten is already taking a few steps forward.

1. Development of new standards and protocols with production partners

Demand for vegan products is growing significantly. Reason for Schouten to develop standards and protocols together with the production partners that ensure that customers can count on a product that is completely vegan.

Waar blijft de vegan norm?

Even in our production locations that are already dedicated plant-based, we make a clear distinction between vegetarian and vegan productions. Products are often produced there on the same production lines, but certain ingredients such as eggs and milk may not be used in vegan products. These vegan products are processed separately from vegetarian products. The production location must therefore adjust the line utilization and production sequence to avoid cross-contamination.

European Vegetarian Union EVU - vegan org - Waar blijft de vegan norm? Where is the vegan standard?

2. Application guidelines from leading authorities

There is currently no official standard for vegan products. The legislator has also not yet defined the requirements for what should be on the packaging. To provide customers with clear and reliable product information, we use the information and guidelines from leading bodies such as the European Vegetarian Union and Vegan Action (USA). For customers who want a specific vegan logo on the packaging, we have our product tested by the logo holder.

As soon as the standard has been laid down in law, we will adjust it – insofar as necessary. We follow the developments closely.

Veganism: a way of life

Where is the vegan standard?

More and more people are choosing to eat vegan. Veganism is about the way of life. Vegans do not eat meat and fish, as well as dairy products, eggs and other products with animal ingredients. They do not use products of animal origin, such as leather and suede. They also ignore coconuts picked by monkeys, beeswax and honey.

Where is the vegan standard?

Schouten’s R&D team has already developed various beautiful vegan products. A classic is, for example, the vegan Lentil burger. Recent successful product innovations are the Vegan Green Tuna and Burger without Fish.

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