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Vegetarian sausage company

Looking for vegetarian sausages? Since 1990 we produce a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian sausage, burgers, schnitzels and filets. 30 years later, Schouten is still now an expert in the field of developing, producing, and packaging vegetarian and vegan products.

Wide variety of vegetarian and vegan sausages

We produce various burgers, snacks, minced meat products, tempeh, and tofu. But as a vegetarian sausage company, we produce various vegan and vegetarian sausages. We have a variety of sausage that cannot be distinguished from the real thing, such as vegetarian Frankfurters, Lincolnshires, Bratwursts, marinated Bratwursts, and Smoked sausages. But we also have various vegan and vegetarian sausages based on beans and legumes.

Schouten Plant-based product - vegan goodbite curry sausages - Vegetarian sausage company

Tailor-made vegetarian products

We are always aware of the latest trends and developments in the market and are happy to work together with you as a vegetarian sausage company. Our strength lies in the development of tailor-made products. So that it meets your requirements and wishes.

Vegetarian sausage company
Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Karla Paans - Sales Assistant

Want to discuss the possibilities?

As a vegetarian sausage company we are happy to work together with you. Whether it is about developing a completely new vegetarian or vegan product, a standard product that you purchase from us or determining which type of packaging is most suitable, we are happy to work together with you. Please contact us using the form below. You will always receive a response from us within two working days.

Specialist in the development of vegan and plant-based products: Karla Paans - Sales Assistant
Schoute: specialist in meat substitutes and vegan products Foodservice box  - Vegetarian sausage company

Various types of packaging

In addition to being able to supply a full range of tailor-made products, we also offer various types of packaging. As a vegan burger company we are also active in the USA. Our team in the USA, Schouten USA, is aware of the latest developments in the market and is available throughout the entire process. For the USA market we offer different packaging, both frozen and refrigerated, for various channels Retail, Foodservice, QSR and Industry.

Our specialists in the USA

As mentioned above, in addition to having our head office in Giessen (Netherlands), we are also located in Dubai, India and the USA. In the USA, Matt Prescott and his colleagues are our team. Supported by the entire team from the head office in the Netherlands. In this way we can deliver the same products, service, and quality in the USA as we deliver to our customers in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Vegetarian sausage company
Schouten Specialist in the development of plant-based products - Meat substitute: Vegetarian Frankfurter sausage - Vegetarian sausage company

Schouten USA

We supply to various customers in the USA, within the retail, food service and QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) industries. We supply a selection of our standard range to some customers. Such as our vegan Legendary Burger, vegetarian Breakfast Sausages, Vegan Chickenless Chunks, vegan Nuggets, or vegetarian Lincolnshires sausages. And we supply tailor-made products such as the vegan Meatballs.

Please complete our contact form

You can get in touch directly with one of our commercial employees using the form below. We want to work together with you about how we can make your ideas a success, without any obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible, but no later than within two working days.

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    Our experts

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    Matt Prescott
    Vice President of Sales and Operations
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    Niek-Jan Schouten
    Paul van Vuuren - Supply Chain Specialist
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