Tempeh Mince: the 2.0 version of the successful Vegan Mince

You already knew that your vegetarian and vegan product range wouldn’t be complete without our bestselling Vegan Mince. And now we are pleased to add another product to the range: Tempeh Mince. Just as delicious, just as versatile and just as suitable for vegans and flexitarians – it’s just produced more sustainably. You will please even the most serious environmentalist among your customers. Meet Tempeh Mince, the 2.0 version of our vegan mince.

This is how versatile our Tempeh Mince is

Tempeh Mince is a ready-to-use vegan mince, made with 100% tempeh in a light marinade. Tempeh Mince is incredibly versatile and can be used in all kinds of dishes. For example, it is perfect for a delicious Mexican burrito or taco, but it also goes well in salads. Thanks to this versatility, it is attractive to a wide audience: from flexitarian to vegan.

How is Tempeh Mince different to regular mince?

The big advantage of mince made with tempeh is that production is more sustainable than that of products similar to meat. For plant-based products with a fibrous structure, textured proteins are necessary. And making these takes up considerable amounts of energy. First, the proteins need to be extracted from the raw material, such as soy, wheat or peas. After that, this protein must be given a fibrous structure.

The process for Tempeh Mince is less complex and, consequently, requires less energy. This sustainability aspect will particularly appeal to your vegetarian and vegan shoppers who already consciously choose not to eat meat.

Various plant-based proteins

How Tempeh Mince is made

The basis for vegan Tempeh Mince is tempeh. Tempeh is made by peeling, soaking, cooking and the controlled fermentation of soybeans. This results in perfectly firm blocks of tempeh, which are then crumbled up. Flavour is then added to the Tempeh Mince crumbs.

Packed in a consumer unit of 180 grams

Our Tempeh Mince – Seasoned is available in consumer units of 180 grams. Would you like to sell this product with your own packaging design? That is also a possibility.

Is Tempeh Mince also healthier?

Tempeh is a perfect meat substitute. Because tempeh is fermented, it’s easier to digest. It’s also high in protein, fibre, and various minerals. What are the benefits of Tempeh Mince for your customers?

  • vegan
  • high protein content >18%
  • good amino acid composition (just like other soy products)
  • high in fibre
  • easy to digest
  • low in calories
  • free from cholesterol
  • gluten-free
Women eating plant-based protein burger

With Tempeh Mince, you are responding to the current trends:

  • There is an increased interest in the role that nutrition plays in emotional and mental well-being.
  • More and more people are open to trying adventurous and ethnic flavours.
  • A growing number of consumers are consciously choosing food products that are produced as sustainably as possible.

What is the potential of tempeh?

As a product, tempeh is still modest in terms of turnover. However, the range of varieties is rapidly growing in an every-increasing number of countries. Although it is a niche product, with 3.5% market share, it has the highest expected CAGR (compound annual growth rate) among all types of meat substitutes.

In 2018, research firm Markets and Markets published a research report on the development of the global meat substitutes market. Tempeh is expected to grow by 7.6%, with an expected revenue of 229.7 million dollars in 2023 – versus 159.6 million dollars in 2018. This makes tempeh an interesting product group within the meat substitute market. Interest in tempeh is growing, not only in Asia but all over the world.

So, with Tempeh Mince you access plenty of growth opportunities on vegetarian and vegan shelves. Thanks to the texture (nice crumbs), the flavour (neutral and lightly spiced) and the broad range of uses, this new tempeh product will quickly become a new favourite.

“Meat substitutes such as tempeh and tofu are rich in proteins and minerals, because they are made with soy. Because of their healthy properties, they are popular meat alternatives among vegetarians and vegans. Tempeh and tofu contain isoflavones and saponins.”

MarketAndMarkets Research

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