3 new variations of vegan minced meat

Woman buys plant-based products in supermarket. 3 new variations of vegan minced meat

You have surely noticed that meals and meal components with vegan minced meat score well. And the growth is far from over. At the same time, we see that many consumers now also prefer meat substitutes containing proteins other than soy. In addition, a “healthy planet” is the most important trend for 2022, so sustainable products and transparent communication. And last but not least: consumers like to be in control. 

Discover how you can respond to this with our three new minced meat innovations:

Vegan tempeh minced meat. Schouten- specialist in plant-based protein

1. Vegan Tempeh Mince

Tempeh Mince is a ready-to-eat vegan minced meat, based on 100% tempeh. This minced meat is made from residual flows from one production facility that produces the tempeh cubes.

Niek-Jan Schouten, R&D and Business Development Director.

Niek Jan Schouten – R&D director: “Because we want to prevent food waste as much as possible and the residual product is completely safe and usable, we put it on the market as Tempeh Mince after a small amount of processing.” The product is very easy to prepare and use. fit into existing recipes that normally use minced meat.

meat substitute: vegan tempeh - 3 new variations of vegan minced meat

The benefits of tempeh:

Tempeh is a good meat substitute. Because tempeh is fermented, it’s easier to digest. It’s also high in protein, fibre, and various minerals.

Choose tempeh mincemeat when the focus is on sustainability, transparency and health.

  • Nutri score B
  • Vegan
  • Protein-rich
  • Ligh fibre
  • Low in sugar
Vegan mince based on pea protein. Schouten- specialist in plant-based protein. Three new variations of vegan minced meat

2. With Mince based on Pea Protein you make the difference

For consumers looking for vegan products without soy, our pea protein-based minced meat is an attractive option. It is just as tasty and versatile as Vegan Mince Meat, but made from peas. Consumer demand for soy-free products has been increasing in recent years. Vegan mince is one of the drivers behind the growth within the plant-based industry. Choose vegan Mince based on Pea Protein if it is important that the recipe does not contain soy.

  • Vegan
  • Nutri score B
  • Based on pea protein
  • Low in saturated fat and sugar
  • Protein-rich
Vegan fresh mince. Schouten- specialist in plant-based protein. Three new variations of vegan minced meat

3. Renewed vegan Fresh Mince

In no time at all, you can make any meal vegan with this Vegan Fresh Mince. Thanks to its neutral taste, this Vegan Fresh Mince is ideal for use in dishes from all world cuisines. With an unprecedented number of application possibilities, your customers will always be able to use it. Make your own meatballs, hamburgers or sausages. This Fresh Mince has a neutral taste and takes on the flavour of whatever seasoning you add. One block of Vegan Fresh Mince weighs 250 grams. This Vegan Fresh Mince is also suitable for further processing on an industrial scale. For example, into meatballs or burgers. Choose vegan Fresh Mince if you want to season and shape yourself.

  • Nutriscore A
  • Vegan
  • Rich in protein
  • Source of fibre
  • Low in sugar
Nederlandse soja -

Good to know

Many of our other vegan products are soy-based. From a sustainability point of view, you can confidently keep or include these in your range. This is because the soy that Schouten uses is always grown sustainably.

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