Vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers: deliciously crispy and juicy

Vegan Chickenless Dippers

Chicken substitutes are incredibly popular. Schouten is responding to this with the new vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers. The dippers have a crispy homestyle coating and a delicious juicy core and are the result of a development process in collaboration with various suppliers. Read the tasty story about the dippers and the success of joint product development. 

At Schouten, we go for the best products with the best taste and texture at a competitive price. To do this, we work closely together with a solid network of carefully selected suppliers. We develop the product together, forging the link between customer and supplier. To keep abreast of the latest innovations, raw materials and production techniques, our developers have frequent contact with the suppliers.

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Vegan dipper for drinks and meal

Our chicken replacements are a good example of this fruitful way of working together. For example, we recently launched the vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers. A dipper with a crispy coating and a deliciously juicy, vegan chicken core. The dipper is perfect for pairing with a drink, but can also be eaten as a meal component.

Developer Henrieke says about the development of the dipper: “For product development, we worked closely with various suppliers. Our coating supplier, for example, has supported us well in getting a delicious, airy and crispy homestyle breading.”

The success of chicken substitutes

With the vegan Crispy Chickenless Dippers, Schouten is responding to the trend. While the focus was not so long ago on the replacement of beef products, we have recently seen a significant growth in chicken substitutes. 

According to research firm Markets and Markets, this product segment is by far the largest product group in the market for meat substitutes worldwide. The agency expects chicken substitutes to represent more than $13 billion in revenue by 2025.

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