A look behind the scenes at Schouten’s Quality Assurance

Here we pay attention to the quality of our products and packaging. That quality is among our top priorities is demonstrated by the Quality Assurance department’s high level of commitment. QA Project Manager Ilona Thijssen is one of the seven employees who go to great lengths to ensure quality and stability. We’ll follow her for a day.


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is important, because it helps you absorb iron. In this blog, we’ll explain why B12 so important is, and why we enrich our vegan and vegetarian products with it.

plant based protein


In the last blog we told you something about macronutrients and most importantly, proteins and the difference between plant and animal based proteins. In the next two editions, we would like to address the smaller, but equally important counterparts, the micronutrients.

several beans - plant based protein


In the coming weeks, our R&D department will guide you through three topics that are inextricably linked to meat substitutes, but about which little is known: proteins,